Daycare Tunas Unggul

We are here to assist both parents in building spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually superior students who are able to adapt and contribute in a global environment.

Using the Montessori approach which is a learning method that focuses on developing the potential of the individual by providing learning freedom and using learning equipment appropriate to the student’s level of development.

Montessori Goals

  1. Help children discover their interests and talents.
  2. Develops children’s cognitive, emotional, social and motor potential as a whole.
  3. Increase self-confidence, creativity, empathy, and interest in learning new things.
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The 5 Basic Areas of Application of the Montessori Method

Practical life

This area includes practice and activities of the skills needed on a daily basis. This area aims to train independence, social skills and care for the environment. Activities in this area also train the child’s fine motor skills, wrist and finger strength, eye-hand coordination, and organization.


This area includes activities that strengthen the child’s senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste, as well as memory. Through sensorial activities, children can learn to distinguish and classify colors, sizes, and shapes of objects, as well as textures, smells, and tastes.


In the Language area, children will be encouraged to build their ability to use and understand language, recognize letter sounds and letter symbols, compose words to simple sentences, and write and read using props.


Children will be introduced to quantity, number symbols, addition, subtraction, and decimal numbers with props that are concrete and touchable (hands on learning), so that children can more easily absorb abstract math concepts.


Activities in this area will enrich children’s insight into all that exists in the universe. Children will know and understand their role on earth, so that they are aware of their role as khalifah fil ardh.